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      Hello Folks,

      I’m Ren Monllor. I live in Lakeland, Florida and by reading past posts, I see I have alot in common with many of you.
      I’m a single, disabled, home-schooling dad of two great children and at the age of 60, I decided I’d venture into a life long dream of making and repairing clocks.
      Born and raised in N.Y.C., N.Y., I remember going downtown (the Iron Building) to get my glasses with my mom (I guess I was around 7 or 8 yrs. old) and there was a watchmaker who would do his work sitting by the big front window of the shop. I would always stop and watch him until my mom would drag me away. He always wore a white lab coat. I thought he had to be the coolest guy doing the coolest job. Then came the 60’s…………

      At any rate, I was working with a bunch of High School engineering students this past year and we decided to make a wooden gear clock (we’ll be starting that venture in two weeks, here at the house). I started doing a bit of research. next thing I knew, I purchased “A Practical Guide To Wooden Wheeled Clock Design”. After about a month of not really understanding the guide, I signed up for Bob’s tutorials, then I purchased The Modern Clock, Building an American Clock Movement, The Top 300 Trade Secrets (great advise Bob) and Clockmaking and Modelmaking Tools and Techniques. I’ve downloaded the Chicago School of Watchmaking Course along with, the Bulova Course.

      I should be recieving a Moseley watchmakers lathe with tailstock and motor tommorrow and some other materials to make some tools. I have a complete machine shop with two lathes (one bench, one stand alone) and a full size milling machine. I also have a pretty complete wood shop.

      I’m a Ham Radio operator (-.-. –.-), musician, machinist, furniture designer, worked as a photographer for many years back in the day.

      So as you can see, the reason I joined was because at first, I had a bunch of real “new guy” questions. Through reading, studying (thanks again Bob) and watching a whole bunch of videos, I’ve learned quite a bit and have a much better understanding of things I had no idea about before.

      I’ll probably be bombarding you all with questions but, from what I can see, you’ll all be willing to help the new guy.

      thank you all and hope to get to know yoooozz,


      bernie weishapl

        Welcome Ren. Glad to have ya and ask away. Lots of good people and lots of knowledge here.


          Hi Ren,
          if there is anything we can do to help just shout :)

          Bob Tascione

            Welcome Ren
            I see we have another Ham radio operator. Amazing how many of our members are into Ham radio! In fact Bernie (posted above) is one from way back.
            Well hope to see you up here often,
            Adios for now


              so you guys are a bunch of hams? 😆 Welcome, have fun and keep us updated with the project, will be fun to see what you come up with..are you going to look into involute compared with cycloidial teeth for a clock? William



                Glad to have you on board. You will find many knowledgeable folks here. I was born in St. Augustine, FL and I miss living there a great deal.


                david pierce

                  All of us learn from the questions that are asked on this forum. As members contribute questions and answers even seemingly dumb questions and wrong answers have elements of knowledge that can be extremely benefical to all of the members. This forum is unique in that it does not contain the back biting vitriol from some of the members that is so prevalent in many of the other forums. Enjoy the learning experience and don’t be afraid to contribute by offering questions and answers.

                  bernie weishapl

                    Forgot to mention that Ren in my welcome. -.. . .– -…

                    ..-. – -.– (WB0FTY for you non ham’s lol). :D Don’t get much on the long haul but mostly 2 meters locally and do storm spot when they need me. Have worked 173 countries of the 196 or 195 depending on who says since I have been on since 1969 or 45 yrs. 😆

                    Bob Tascione

                      Hey Bernie that’s a lot of countries you’ve worked! You must have spent a lot of sleepless nights digging those up. Congrats!
                      I’m also ‘one of those guys’ lol.
                      -.. . -. -…. …. –. ..-.
                      Maybe I’ll see you up on HF sometime!
                      Adios for now,

                      bernie weishapl

                        Sounds good Bob. Most of my HF work is in the winter when things slow down. I have even worked Napal. There is/was only one ham there at one time. Worked him with a 5 watt transmitter. Probably 2.5 watts or less at the antenna. Of course in those days it was a cubical quad at 80 ft which I have no longer. Just downsizing with age. Using a nice vertical now. Can’t climb those towers like I used to. Used to climb towers from 30′ to 1295′. Don’t think I could muster the last one at my age anymore. 😆

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