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      Question on the sweeping second pinion on an omega caliber 601. The watch is running really slow, my timing machine shows like in the -600 range. I noticed that the end of the sweeping second pinion that is facing towards the dial is bent just a little bit. When I observe the second hand going around it doesn’t stop or studder, it actually runs very smoothly. Could this bend happen to be causing that extreme slowness? Also note that when I tested the movement I didn’t have the dial or hands on. I’m just stumped as to why it is giving me this reading. I have checked everything, cleaned it, oiled it, added a new mainspring and it is still reading the same with all of that done.



        release all of the power, remove the balance and pallet, then check how the train spins, does it spin freely? I normally turn the MS barrel and see how the train spins, ideally the escape wheel spins a little bit after your done turning the barrel. If it does not turn, I would pull the escape wheel and see if it is still dragging, then fourth wheel, if it turns easy afterwards, you know it is the issue.

        Bob Tascione

          Hi Chaplin,
          If you’re seeing decent balance amplitude then that probably wouldn’t be my first guess. You could check by removing the sweep second gear and test again.
          Can you put your timer in ticker mode so you can see the tick pattern? Could be some problem in the escapement which the tape display mode might reveal. If the amplitude is low or fluctuates then you might have a problem somewhere in the train or escapement. If the amplitude alternates in a predictable pattern or the tape display shows an extreme snake like tracking then the interval between the extremes might help you nail down where the problem is. Also the 601 beats 19800 so if the timer is reading it at something higher then you will see an extreme slow rate on the machine. If the machine is testing at 21600 you would see a much slower reading than what you’re seeing but might check the machine setting just in case.
          Please let us know how it goes,

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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