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      Ive had this bench for a few weeks now and i have this one drawer with glass vials in it

      I finally got to looking at them a little closer and found each one had watch parts in them, mostly pivots but there are balances and hairsprings and some stems, i still have to go through them all, the only bummer is i have no chart with it, so ill have to try to measure them and figure out what they go too.

      This is the only one so far with any kind of label in it.


        Nice find, are they for wrist watches or pocket watches?


          I think both, some are very tiny, i found hairsprings and balance wheels also! If anyone needs anything, just give me some dimensions and ill see if i can find one to match, ill never use all of them.

          david pierce

            If you have extra balance wheels that you think you will never use save them to practice poising and straightening. You can take one and bend it a little and then work on putting it back into flat and round using your truing calipers. If you destroy it you were going to throw it away anyway.


              Never thought about practice parts, thanks,

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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