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    chris mabbott

      Recently I’ve found myself struggling to find information regarding parts.. We’ve all had a movement of some kind that shows up in our lap missing some of its vital organs. This especially holds true with pocket watch movements as more “vandals” NO not the punk band The Vandals 😆 but rather those “repairers” who purchase another movements to rob parts for another, then they resell the incomplete one as a Parts/repair piece..

      Apart from this scenario, we have some obscure makers, Seth Thomas, early NY Standard, Rockford & even early Elgins that are very hard to find the number one malfunctional part for, yep, the depravely balance staff 😮

      I searched high and low for a missing staff for an early Rockford 18s, their records are poor at best, so no technical data exists.
      With this in mind, I decided to start keeping my own records for those broken parts most often encountered, mainly, staffs.

      It is true, that with a little work, you can make a new one to fit, through trial and error. But I’m anal, I want my staff to be identical to the original, I also don’t want to mess around, fitting, removing, filing, fitting again etc etc..

      So with this firmly planted in my lazy, anal psyche, I’ve undertaken the task of making a visual record in detail, of those models that have no data, it’s my staff archival project, self imposed 😆

      It’s a good habit to get in to and I would suggest to those of you who have the time, to keep a record of the models that you come across because one day, we will be forced to make them, so the more info we have, the easier life will be :D

      I originally used simple graph paper to transfer the dimensions, but that got boring as I still had to scan the hard copy.. So I’ve been using MS Word to create simple vector draw images. I keep a master Doc that I can alter to suit any style of staff, this is less labor intensive over creating a fresh sheet every time..

      There are loads of youtube tutorials for those of you that are not familiar with drawing in word, or you can use any program to sketch your image… I currently have a 40 staffs cataloged, which is nothing compared to the thousands of styles available, but the data also provides me with needed original measurements which might be needed for setting jewels, end shake, ordering new stones etc.

      This is how my little diagrams look, I’m working on this one for the Elgin Convertible grade 50 that I’m repairing. It is not yet complete but I had a brain…. whatever while I was making it and thought I would post it as is, you get the idea… 8-)
      <span style=”color: #4000BF”>THE VANDALS</span>

      bernie weishapl

        I only have one question. What the hell is mm???? 😆 😈

        chris mabbott

          😆 Bernie, it’s the stutter before you say something bad that has mother as the first part, I use it frequently when something goes wrong… Mmmother….etc 😆



            In the not too distant future we will be able to draw these parts up in 3D CAD and just print them out on 3D printers. Keep a stiff upper lip! (or drink some alcohol – both will work) ;)


            bernie weishapl

              Gotcha Chris. I understand now. 😆

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