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      I am working on a cuckoo movement and am having trouble removing the split rings. There are two posts that use split rings to secure them and both have to be removed in order to split apart the plates. I have a pair of automotive split ring pliers that work on both internal and external split rings. I am able to use the smallest set of the tips and get it in between the “wings” of the split ring, however, I can’t put much pressure on the ring to spread it apart without the pliers slipping off, since the rings are so thin.

      Any tips on removing these? I’ve tried prying them with a small / sharp screwdriver, but that really just scratches the plate and the arbor when I try to slide the ring off.

      Thanks for all the help!! I really appreciate it. I’ve attached a photo of one of the split rings.



        Hi Jimmy, Those darn things are called pressure clips and they can be a real bear. They are not the same as a split ring because the pressure clips don’t sit in a slot on the shaft like the split ring. The tool you are using is fine but to get these off, you might have to take a small file to the split ring pier tips to get them to fit the clip a little better. Once you get just a little pressure to open the gap try and get a very small screw driver under the clip and gently lift it just off the plate. Remember this clip has to slide off the shaft (hence Pressure clip) once you have a little clearance between the plate and the clip, you can then hopefully get a better bite with the split ring pliers and slide it the rest of the way off. I wish you well.

        Keep in mind when reassembling the movement, placing the clips back onto the arbor/shaft, to make sure you have some end shake ( play ) otherwise you will have a problem with binding.

        Good luck


          Hi guys, I was just going to put up the exact same issue that you did Jim, Thanks guys for the post, I had never seen these before. I got mine off and had broke the tips of one side off so I chucked up the arbors in the lathe and cut a groove for split washers 🙄 , Thanks again, William

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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