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      So I know this subject has been probably covered a million times, but I thought I would ask to see if there was one more tip of advise i could get that might work. So a customer contacted me with a sterling silver english pocket watch he wants serviced. The problem is the bezel wont come off, it moves when i unscrew it but it doesnt come off just spins around and around I have tried every trick in the book. When i do a search on the internet all i find is tricks on how to free a locked bezel, none of them address the issue im having. Anyone ever encounter this because this is my first time with a situation like this.


      Bob Tascione

        Hi Chaplin,
        Is it possible that the bezel isn’t threaded but a snap fit?
        I’ve had some luck removing threaded backs and bezels that do what you’re describing by inserting tapered wood wedges into the tiny space between the case and bezel while turning the bezel/back. I’ve also used a tapered knife edge. The light outward pressure from the wedges is sometimes enough to help the threads catch.
        Might give it a try.

        Hope this helps,


          Hi Bob, after doing some research it is a snap fit and was able to get the bezel off. This was my first english pocket watch as I have not gotten one yet on my bench. Thanks for the reply.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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