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      Well, I thought I would give someone a good deal on a refurbishment 🙄 , seems to me when I do this I always end up with the short end of the stick 🙄 . Maybe I will learn someday and get paid for my troubles 🙄 IN ANY CASE, I can look at it as a way to learn how NOT to do things 🙄 Hey Bob maybe it would be fun to post all the funny things we run across, we could call it “Williams adventures” 🙄 I took this apart a few minutes ago and actually laughed out loud 😆 you know, the belly laugh type 🙄 kind of caused a ruckus as I have been gaining weight 🙄 I wanted to share my joy and I thought of yall 😆 Have fun and try not to copy these repair techniques 🙄


        I was thinking that was one I had repaired but then I dont use safety pins for holding wheels on, I like a nice bent rusty nail :)
        Wow, that is quality craftsmanship. He must have studied for years to turn out such high quality work. Who knows William, maybe someday you will be that good ;)


          I’m sorry but I have no words. Well maybe…..WOW! lol




            I am going to bookmark this…And every time I think something is not going well, I’ll review this thread !! I have not laughed that hard in a long time!!

            Wait !

            Imagine the conversation that took place…

            Husband “Honey, that damm clip went flying again and I can’t find it”
            Wife “Did you look behind..”
            Husband “Yes dear I have looked there and there and there”
            Wife “Well just pin it”
            Husband ” What the hell are you tal..”
            Wife swoops into room, over to bench and deftly snaps safety pin in place. “There that will hold it”
            Five minutes later…
            Husband still staring in disbelief, totally amazed……

            Thanks for sharing William.

            Jim…(No, no, I’m the other Jim)


              2 JIMS 😯 , ooooohhhh my, we are in trouble!!!!!!!!!!! 😆 Thanks guys, life is short and sometimes we need to step back a little and enjoy, William (p.s. my wife tells me that all the time, i guess it does slowly sink in) 🙄

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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