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    chris mabbott

      A friend has just asked me if I could have a look at her fathers wrist watch, he recently passed away so I didn’t really want to say no, softie that I am 😆

      I don’t normally like working on wrist watches, not my bag baby, but anyhow, let’s see..

      First problem is….. Missing crown and stem, can anyone point me in the direction to find a replacement?
      I’ve just got this in hand like 10 mins ago so this is the first superficial look…

      Here’s a few shots of the Casio, Japanese movement…


        Probably not what you want to hear but You can get a new one on ebay for $38.00, free shipping. Other than that, I can’t locate stem and crown.
        Sorry, hope this helps.

        chris mabbott

          Thanks Ren, yeah, I had a scan on eBay and I popped the cap off the watch, maan, what a piece of junk 😆
          My apologies to any Casio fans out there…

          It’s a cheapo quartz….. Thing. The stem is still present but I think the top piece, first four threads, is broken.. Oh boy,
          I’ve a good mind to do just that, buy a NOS one and tell her I restored it 😆 she’ll be happy and ill be a lot wiser 8-)

          Cheers ma’ brother


            Hi Chris,

            I do a lot of renovations on these things. The watches may not be worth much but as heirlooms they are pricless to some. The cost of renovation is 3 to 4 times in some case 10 times the cost of the watch. But as most are from Dad or grand Dad people are prepaired to pay. This watch has a base metal case and will require some major polishing to cleanup, then rechroming. I am at work at the moment but when I get home I will look at my extensive supply of stems and crowns for a match. The first thing I would do is check the movement, dose it still work? This will be hard without the stem as quarts stop when the stem is out, I have a small supply of quarts movements that may fit. The question is how important is the watch to her and how far dose she want to go with it.

            Ok after reading your last notice there is a stem still attached, I would put a battery in to see if it still works, if not let me know and i will find another movement for you. I lie when I say I have a small supply, I have hundreds, addicted bulk buyer on eBay.


              If you check out Cousins Chris you can probably buy the movement for around £10 and I am pretty sure it will come with the stem and crown but will need shortening to fit correctly.

              chris mabbott

                Thanks guys, I’ll follow your advises, can I make advice plural 😆

                Blond fellow, the movement looks in good shape, cosmetically, but I have to buy a new battery once I figure out how to remove the old one 🙄
                Paul I will also check cousins..

                This is basically a freebie for a friend. She kinda just asked me to look at it, but you all know how we are, can we just look? Eh…. NO 😆 we are compelled by some unseen, internal force, maybe, like priests, we are ordained by god himself? Although I seriously doubt it 😆

                I’ve got it on the back burner for now, there’s another force inside me that I’m fighting to overcome, the fact that there are no demaskeened plates, jewels or their all encompassing gold settings.. No finely blued Breguet hairspring, steel escapement nor a sapphire jeweled pallet.. No diamond end stones mated with a gold bi metallic balance wheel. Yes, I’m worthless and weak and only able to see outer beauty 8-)
                The plastic support is beyond my polishing techniques, SO, as my dear mother maintains… It’s a hard climb up the ladder, but it’s even harder going back down 😆


                  Hey Chris, like I said addicted. Nothing like the feel of a snug loupe in the eye socket and a steady hand rapped around a set of tweezers

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