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      Hi all,

      Just joined the class and forum. I mostly work on watches but I’m interested in learning it all. Hailing from Florida, my town doesn’t seem to have much going on for watch repair or any idea what it is all about so either prices are whacky or people buy new. Depressing but as a hobby is doesn’t matter much and sometimes you can get the odd quality watch a friend has in a drawer as a present. ;)

      Here is the small spot where I do my watch work. Nothing fancy or creative but all I need at the moment. Now I’ve taken this class it will be expanding as I progress. Greetings, Bob.



        Welcome aboard!

        You may want to post a brief intro in the “General Discussion” area, since a lot of action happens over there.

        You’ll find a lot of good people who want to help, and in fact, do. “Our little slice of heaven,” some call it.

        Take care,

        Tim :)


          Hi Bob,

          looks like a decent setup for watches! It will definitely grow! I also started in a small corner working on watches but my workarea is still expanding, something not always appreciated by …

          Have fun on this forum!



            Thank you, Jan and Tim, for the warm welcome. Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute in time while learning at the same time!


              Hey Bob, looks like you have a great start, William


                Welcome aboard Bob.
                It only gets better from here.
                Tell me, where in Florida are you? I’m in Lakeland, Fl.
                Maybe we can meet up somewhere and have some coffee>
                Be well,


                  Thank you for the warm welcome willofiam and namonllor1953.

                  I’d love the coffee offer — my favorite fuel — but I’m in Miami so it would probably take a long drive. Being originally from Chicago I’m yet to get familiar with lots of places around here. I almost got to be your neighbor when I applied for an IT job at Publix. Regretfully I didn’t get it! :)

                  chris mabbott

                    Hi Bob, and welcome.

                    A late reply from me but I usually land on the Gen dis section..

                    Hey, that’s a nice setup and a good philosophy regarding waiting until you have a feel for what you’re doing. I’ve seen many new guys rush in and spend loads of dosh, then realize it’s not for them..

                    Any questions you have just shout out.. 😮


                      Hi Bob,
                      Welcome to the forum here. I responded to another of your posts but then I saw this one. By the way I kind of stepped into your area last weekend fixing a friends Seiko 6309 automatic. Had to buy some junkers off ebay to get enough parts but was fun. He had told me that you couldn’t set the watch. When I opened it up I found it to be so rusty that the castle gear was actually rusted onto the stem. Anyway welcome and good to hear from you here.
                      C Kelly


                        Hello bobm12:

                        From a brother Floridian, I bid you a hardy welcome to the forum. I can assure you that here you will find more information than you can shake a Florida gopher at. (For all of you non-Floridians, that’s a sand tortoise that lives in holes along with rattlers.)

                        Are you a Northern, Middle, or Southern Floridian?


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