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      The clock is running fine but can get stuck on the first note from time to time on the chime. so I took it out to look at it and figure it just probly needs a cleaning. I figure its probly never been touched since it was new. Do you think It will be very similar to the Seth Thomas Chime clock I already took Apart?
      I have no idea why the picture loaded at off angles… there straight on my end



        I think you will find this Sligh GF movementis nothing like the Seth Thomas Bracket Clock you worked on before.

        chris mabbott

          It’s a clock :?: I thought I was looking at the inside of a mini piano 😆

          Looks a bit complicated, sorry I can’t add anything other than humor but ill be following your progress, keenly..


            well I was hoping to hear that a clock is a clock and if I fixed a Seth Thomas Chime that this one wont be much different. I guess ill find out

            bernie weishapl

              It is a Kieninger movement and it is kinda like your seth thomas. You need to study the chiming sequence because inbetween the plates on the chime side are 2 levers that need to be sequenced so that the chime correction functions properly. Run it threw it’s paces several times so you can see how it works. Also remember how those levers come off when you disassemble. On the strike side you would set the gathering pallet the same way as the seth thomas. Take pictures of the movement especially the front which will help at assembly time. Make sure you disassemble the hammer assembly on the chime side and keep them in the same sequence that they came off or you will be readjusting them which is a pain. I really like working on these movements. They are fairly simple once you have did a couple.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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