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      Dear, O’ Dedicated Tascionites,

      Eight years ago, I owned a 1988 Chevrolet Camaro IROC, and OH BOY, did I love that car. It was this beautiful silver/gray color with one of the nicest clear coat jobs I’ve ever seen in my entire life, before or since. THE SHINIEST (Chris?), glint and glare sparkled in the Hawaiian sun during the day, and believe it or not, on the night of a clear sky with a full moon, it sent shiny sparkled light through the night to observers close by. And, by the way, I received the compliments to match. EVERYONE loved my car, which, in turn made them love ME! All of a sudden I became a good person because of the great car I bought! They would approach me like some sort of celebrity – THEY LOVED ME AND MY CAR!!! Ah…I digress…

      So, I ended up buying a white 2004 Ford Escape (Didn’t get the rockstar reception:(), which I had never ever seen before my friend connected me and the selling party (her other friend) to consider, and ultimately complete the transaction. I loved it because I FIT, among other reasons…I stand 6’2″, or 3″, depending on the heel of my shoe (Firefighter’s uniform boots are a solid 1″ or more…) I immediately took off the box-style luggage carrier strapped onto the roof (a real dad/soccer mom-style decorating touch) :), and then I was off to find a nice place to drive on the open road. And, drive I did. I put no less than 12,500 ,miles on it every year since (that’s a LOT by Hawaiian standards…)

      So, here I am, driving my new white Ford Escape V6 with all-wheel drive and it was comfortable as all get-out. I SO LOVED this car, the one I still have today after more than eight years.

      And then it happened…

      I started seeing other Escapes – they were LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. At the house, in the news, on the freeway, in the newspaper – ON DEALERSHIP COMMERCIALS on the radio, in the Sunday paper, in the parking lots, at the store, at the beach, on the television, on the internet, in my email, pretty much ALL OVER…YOU GET THE POINT, RIGHT???

      So the reason I’m bringing this story into this forum is because it’s HAPPENING, again. I haven’t even scratched the surface yet, but watches, movements, clocks, gears, pinions, pivots, trains, bridges ALL OF THIS AND MORE is so tightly integrated into my life and mind – this is one hell of a ride of a lifetime!

      I see watches in magazines, I look more closely – straining to see the movement in my skeleton watch. I SLEEP WALK, not literally walking, although I consider it to be sleep walking, because waking your girlfriend up in the middle of the night – like, three times – to show her how the imaginary watch movement in my hand works sure as heck isn’t sleeping like a baby!

      The other day at work, I had to close my eyes for a second – I don’t even know what for – and I saw the wheel train all lined up and beautifully meshing.

      Watchmaking, it seems, has taken over a large portion of my mind and life – and, I don’t mind it, at all!!!

      I wonder what it’s going to be like when I start on clocks…or the lathe course (opportunity (**excuse**) to buy something new!) …or complications, WATCHMAKING, and a whole host of other interests that could help me to really blossom…I can only imagine :)

      I never dreamed watchmaking would be so fulfilling, but it has been. The triumphs are glorious, the challenges exciting, the giving hearts and exciting minds who reside here and hang their hat in the workshop and adjacent living room of the Bob Tascione Watchmaker’s Collective make me want to stick around for a very, very long time.

      Do I have the time, you ask?

      You bet I do… :):):)

      Best Ticking,

      Tim :)

      chris mabbott

        Hang on a minute, aren’t you at work and therefore supposed to be poised, like a cat, to pounce at a milliseconds notice at any and all forms of incandescence ? 😆

        bernie weishapl

          😆 Good one Chris.


            Tim, it got me in exactly the same way and still does. I fell into this purely by chance after 24 years of doing almost every job you can think of. I hurt my back badly so couldn’t get a “proper” job. My sister in law suggested clock repair as her father did it at their jewelry shop and had no shortage of work. I have never looked back and I still love it as much now as I did when I started. I have a very short attention span, 3 months max at any job before I would get up and walk out as I couldn’t stand the boss/drudgery/travel.
            Now I get to play all day every day, I dont go to work anymore :) As soon as I get home from work I have dinner, play with the kids, get them into bed and then on to the computer, checking the forum, looking through e-bay, watching videos on you tube etc. I just can’t get enough of it :) Dont get me wrong, there are times when I could throw a clock through a window but it passes and then its all good again.
            p.s. yes even dreaming about it at times :)


              You have to be careful here my friend.
              “waking your girlfriend up in the middle of the night – like, three times – to show her how the imaginary watch movement in my hand works “.

              This is exactly the kind of activity that could shorten your relationship..keep and ear peeled for replies like ” That’s nice honey”…or “wow, that’s interesting”…these are a woman’s way of saying “if you’re going to wake me in the middle of the night..it better be “better” than this !”.

              You’re really lucky if your girl is truly interested..for many,..it’s like asking them to define the universe and give three examples…or asking who financed the pyramids….

              You are definitely on your way to horological insanity…but don’t kid yourself…cold beans in a can for dinner is where you are heading if you push her over the edge.

              Do like the rest of us…just share when she notices something shiny…otherwise, you’re doomed… 😯

              Bob Tascione

                Is it just me or do the rest of you guys think Tim may be hooked now? :D
                I’d like to say that we’ve all been there Tim but I think most of us are Still there!
                That feeling just won’t go away.
                Got to love it,


                  I think he’s getting the Kool-Aide intravenously Bob !!

                  It is great to have passion though…..


                    OMG Randy – you had me rolling on the floor for that entire email! You speak some very interesting “truths” and definitely axioms related to men and women. You must’ve read “Men are from Planet Horologic, women are from Venus” hahaha! But, I kind of beat you to the punch – while what I said about waking my girlfriend up in the middle of the night is true, I’ll have to save it for someone else – my most recent relationship of three years is no more – we amicably parted ways, and she is, as they say, “my good friend,” now… :) Don’t worry – it’s OK, you didn’t know, and HECK – I can put those little tidbits into my “relationship compendium,” and draw from it in the future…it’s all good :) Even though we are no longer together, Lorie, I’m sure, will remind me of the times I woke her up “to show her something” in my imaginary (Hell – it was REAL to me!) pocket watch, and the intricacy of its beautiful movement :)

                    Yes, Bob, it’s definitely true about being hooked, and yes, it’s that Kool Aid, to be sure :) It’s interesting, Bob, how you and many others just can’t seem to shake the interest in watches and clocks. I think that’s a beautiful thing, really I do. I’ll never forget seeing you in the pocket watch videos for the first time – I mean, Bob, that was like a geisha “opening the kimono,” so to speak…When you showed the world how to disassemble and service that pocket watch in the beautiful way you did it. Also, when I asked you over the phone, “Am I to understand that once you learn from this video, then all pocket watches are basically alike?” and you said, “Yup!” – I just became filled with energy and passion for the art. As I alluded to in a previous email, what you’re doing with your videos, the forum, giving of your time and talent, etc. – all of that – points to your endeavor being bigger than yourself, and that is truly amazing! If I were to somehow explain just how powerful the “force” is, I would refer anyone curious about it to the place in your video where the watch is reassembled and under power – only to have you give it a little “twist” in order to bring it to life. That’s the point where I got hooked, the passion flooded my soul, and I became committed. Watershed moment for me, to be sure…

                    There’s going to be a plaque somewhere hanging on a wall with your name on it, Bob. You literally flipped the script to make this information READILY available – when in times past, I would guess watchmakers were pretty private with ANY information related to horological secrets. Bigger than you, Bob, bigger than you…

                    Paul, that work schedule looks awesome! WHO wouldn’t want THAT?!?!?! 😆 :?: ❗ :?: ❗ Loved your story about being sucked in…is there a Horology Anonymous group anywhere? Just imagine…I can see it…I can see it in my mind’s eye…

                    Paul (standing up): Hi everyone, my name is Paul, and I am a horologic…

                    Group: (All in unison…) Hi Paulllllll…

                    Paul: “I’ve known about the horology 12 step program for years…and…etc., etc.” :)

                    😆 😆 😆

                    Paul! There’s help available!!! You may see me there one day soon :)

                    Yesterday, I got my remaining three watches in the mail – I have a total of eight pocket watches – more than enough to keep me busy and occupied. I had an appointment, and when the doctor came into the room, I showed her my shiny new pocket watch…and, then I opened the back to show her the movement… She was – understandably – speechless, and astonished beyond words!

                    After I put it back together, she flat-out proclaimed, “Tim, you are SO COOL!!!”

                    Rockstar, anyone? Anyone? Bob? :):):) I know you’re crazy busy Bob, so no need to get involved – let’s just say you’re a rockstar, and everyone here knows it!!! :)

                    I feel like a little “mini me,” with people calling me cool and all…it doesn’t suck!

                    Kool-Aid…Kool-Aid, INDEED :)


                    Tim :)

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