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    david pierce

      About a year ago I bought a Watch Craft Tri-Duty Staking Tool from Uncle Larry. Tonight I just began to play with it for the first time and noticed that I could not get the stakes to line up with the holes in the die plate. After examining it I noticed that someone had dropped it on the floor and bent the vertical post. After removing the post from the base, I put the threaded end into a collet in the lathe and marked the bent portion with a pencil. I then removed the post from the lathe and straightened it out with a large brass sledge hammer using a large vice and an anvil. It now straight, works, and the brass hammer left no marks on the part.


        Nice job David
        Sometimes the best medicine is a well placed blow ( or a “lusty whack” as some oldtimers used to say ) !

        chris mabbott

          Staking set $150, brass 5lb sledge hammer $45, satisfaction of repair…… Priceless :)


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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