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      Hello Bob and fellow Members

      I am now working on an Elgin size 18 PW in a Hunter (Duebber) style case. This is a 17 jewel PW with an
      Elgin 3/4 plate movement and is lever set type (SN 13105203). The movement has been restored and in
      running condition!

      My problem is with the stem and sleeve. Because it is lever set, the stem cannot be pulled out of the
      movement when removing the movement from the case. I was able to remove the movement and
      restored it, but, I was unable to install it back in the case. The design of the stem and sleeve does not
      allow removal by a sleeve wrench. I checked the pendant for a set screw and found a hole with a set
      screw. The head of the was screw broken off or worn smooth. I drilled out the set screw and was hoping
      the sleeve and stem would be released and could be removed. Unfortunatly, that did not happen.

      I would appreciate you inputs and suggestions on the removal of the sleeve and stem from this Hunter
      case with the set screw design.

      Thank You!


      Bob Tascione

        Hi BYJWRI,
        The stem should come out if the set screw is all the way out. Might try lubricating the inside of the pendant and then tapping the end of the stem with a small brass hammer from the inside of the case. Some of these stem setups had a round brass piece with a slot around it for the set screw to fit into. The brass piece screwed down the extra long threaded section of the stem which allowed for a height adjustment. This brass piece may have thrown up a burr which is catching on the inside of the pendant. Some setups didn’t use this brass sleeve piece and just used a stem with a large diameter shoulder which had a slot around it for the screw to fit into. It would center itself by the fit of the crown over the pendant.
        Please let me know how it works out BYJWRI,


          Hello Bob,

          Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! I used a slightly larger drill bit and reamed out what

          was left of the set screw. I was then able to tap out the sleeve and stem.

          Thanks again!


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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