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      I have been using Sherline lathe 4000 for several years for clock repair. I recently started working on watches and would like to know if Sherline could be also used for watch repair. I’ve seen some collets on their website that could be used for watches. Has anyone used it for watches? Are there accessories for this lathe for watch repair?

      Thank you.


        I don’t have a Sherline lathe myself, but I do know that they sell a T-rest and ww-collets for it.
        As said I don’t have one myself, so I cannot comment on it’s use.



          I believe that several members have one, I do not, do a search for Sherline lathe and see what comes up. I know they have been discussed several times in the past.


            I think I have heard it mentioned somewhere that Bob Tascione did say they can be used for watch work (but probably best to hear from him), and while speaking to the representative on the phone she said that some watch schools do use them in their classes. They also make adapters for there chucks to fit on the WW lathes. However, the runout on the Sherline self centering chucks sitting on a 3/4 16 adapter for my WW Peerless Lathe is .003, which is noticeable but better than older vintage chucks I have tried that have lost there true due to age and use. She also said the runout on the Sherline is the same for the chucks. You might want to call and ask about the runout on the collets and accuracy since for watch work it needs to be higher, like .0005 I saw Tom or David post here.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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