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      Hello, I have received a Seth Thomas triple decker clock in for repair, I have not as of yet dealt with replacing the cord for the weights, is there a specific type of cord that should be used???? I would like this as close to original, does anyone know what would have been used originally??? thanks everyone, have a fabulous day, William


        I bought some “American Clock Chord” from Meadows and Passmore but it was two thick, I unwound the platts and got three lengths for the price of 1! Wherever you find it just check the diameter.
        Good luck :)


          Hey Paul, this is one of those clocks that has the 6+ pound weights on each side and the cord runs up from the works and over a small wooden wheel and down the side of the case, supposedly these clocks were popular before the ability to manufacture mainsprings, mid 1800’s. at this age I wonder if a heavy gut was used???? Bob do you remember what was available that you used back then? William

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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