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      I’ve had this clock for about a year now and have always been curious to know, when it chimes I get more of a thud as opposed to a crisp ring. My question is, can I change anything to get more of the crisp ring that I am looking for?

      david pierce

        The problem could be in two places, the chime or the hammer. To rule out the chime, strike it with a piece of metal and see if it makes the desired sound. If it does take a look at the hammer and whatever mechanism drives it. When it strikes the chime it should be a quick blow and then a retract.


          Good advice from David, judging by your picture it looks as though the hammer is touching the gong holder, if that is the case when the clock is striking then that will almost certainly be the cause. The hammer needs a clear journey through to the gong.


            Evin, when the strike is at rest, there should be a small gap between the hammer and the gong. It sounds to me like the hammer is striking the gong too solid, and not letting it resonate. :? Mahlon


              Good advice gents. Thanks, I made a slight adjustment on the hammer arm/hammer and right off, success. :D


                Some clocks have a small pin just below where the hammer arm is connected to its arbour. This acts as a pivot and is designed to give a crisp ring to the bell. If there is a pin on your clock it may just need bending slightly.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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