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    bernie weishapl

      Can anyone suggest reading or any info on hardening and polishing pallets? I had to have a verge made for a #2 Seth Thomas. They are very accurate reproduction from what I have been told but must polish and harden them. I have never in 25 yrs had to do this procedure and definitely don’t want to mess these up. Recoils I have did are pretty forgiving but have been told these are not. I have only did 2 other #2 ST clocks and I know that the escapement can be finicky. I talked with a gentleman who has done dozens of these and he said they have to be just so to run. So any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


        Hey Bernie, If you have DeCarls book “practical clock repair” he has some good info in there on exactly what your asking. If you dont…let me know. William

        david pierce

          The information you have to go on sounds too vague to proceed without additional information. I would contact the person who made the part and ask him to tell you the material that was used to make the part. If the part is not a type of tool steel it may have to be hardened by case hardening. The person who made the part may also be a source of information for the hardness specifications but if not, and you have a piece of the original part, you can determine the hardness from that.
          The least expensive way I know to test hardness is to purchase a set of special HARDNESS TESTING FILES from a company like Enco. While not an extremely accurate method, the test files should get you close enough to the correct hardness to function properly. Once you find out what the material is it would not hurt to practice on a piece of scrap material of the same type as the part you want to put in the clock.

          bernie weishapl

            David I will contact him and see what he says but here is from the website.

            We have developed a technique of making both dead beat and recoil escapements that incorporates traditional formulae with modern technology. The result is a finely tuned escapement with highly polished working surfaces and the hardness of tool steel throughout the entire verge. These new verges are drawn in CAD and cut using EDM technology giving accuracy far beyond what hand cutting and filing can accomplish. This results in proper and healthy amplitude and optimum power from the impulse face. A well made verge also reduces the amount of drop on the escape wheel to a minimum which results less wear on the escape wheel teeth and less pitting on the verge. These verges will also be made to match the original in all details so as to preserve the value of your antique clock.

            This is the e-mail he sent me.

            I can provide a new verge for you. Yes it is for a press fit on the arbor as the original. This will need to be fit, polished and hardened. Cost would be $45.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

            Hopefully will know more tomorrow.

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