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    john baker

      I have a sessions strike movement and I’m trying to find the proper order in which to reinstall the lifting leavers and wheels. I do know where everything goes, but seem to get mixed up when trying to put on top plate. Would anyone know of a video of a sessions striking movement being reassembled.


        Hi John

        I’m not familiar with a Sessions assembly video but you might find the pdf at the following website helpful. It’s very well done and he shows actually assembly drawings for lever placement. Also lot’s of other good information.
        I hope you find it helpful.


        john baker

          I would like to thank you for your trouble. The PDF. Contains 65 pages. This PDF is for a chiming clock, which is very much more complex than my clock, which for strike only.
          Never the less, I am sure it will be very helpful one day.
          Once again, thanks for the help.



            Oh my bad sorry John.

            I thought you were talking about this two train chime
            movement that people often have trouble with.
            The standard Sessions time and strike is very similar to
            what Bob shows in his strike animation in the Clock course
            but shows mostly the theory behind the strike but not the actual
            pivot lining up etc.
            If you take a look at the following video the assembly is covered
            a bit. If he doesn’t cover the topic well then maybe seeing the image will help.
            If you go into his channel and you will find a series of videos
            dealing with assembly of this same clock and setting up the strike.


            Okay, I hope this one helps John! The other pdf is a good one to hold.
            Please let me know if it helps,

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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