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      I purchased a Sessions working Clock Movement. It looks like a mantle clock movement with bell. I would like to take the movement apart and clean it and then obtain a case and restore the clock. My question is, could I make it a wall clock or do I have to keep it as a mantle clock? What types of cases could I install it in? Also, in the one picture you can see how someone has installed a tie wire. Any suggestions why that might be?


        by the look of the suspension spring I would say it’s a mantle movement. You can look up the movement # and see what the drop is, but it looks like a short drop. As to the wire, follow it and see what it does. It may hold the counting hoe down. Hope this helps.


          The “tie wire” is actually spring wire that applies a small amount of tension to the leaver (it’s lever but I like saying leaver…) for either the stop or count lever. This insures that the clock strikes and stops striking when done.

          The bell is known as “Passing strike” in that when approaching the half hour, the hammer is lifted and at the half, the hammer falls off the lift lever and hits the bell.

          As for the case, you can put the movement into any case you’d like. Wall clocks usually have the pendulum showing but not always as do some mantleshelf clocks.

          What you create will be unique.

          Please post photos when your project is done, as I’d like to see the result!



            Thanks Digitaltripper, your information was most helpful. I will be careful to try to preserve the wire as much as possible when I take the movement apart to clean and oil it. I originally wanted to install this movement into a wall clock case. For that I wanted to use a longer pendulum. Is there a way to do that without affecting the timing? If so, what type of pendulum should I get?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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