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      OK, I posted in the Reverse painting thread about an old Session movement that had a click fall off, well I disassembled that yesterday, the other click was in terrible shape also, about half the contact face was gone, so it was going to fail soon.

      So I have two questions at this point.

      1- The clicks I purchased a while ago, do not match the clicks I took off, so other sources? These came from Clock Works, the rivet hole is in the wrong location or the body is not big enough, from looking at it, the only one the will work (geometry wise) is the smaller click, but there is no room for the spring to be mounted.

      2- Another question that makes me realize how little I know, in the pictures I have linked you will see some of the mainspring spindle, that does not break down further for cleaning? The reason I ask, is the spindle spins on the gear, so how do I have lubricate that contact point?



        opps forgot to add the disclaimer, these are unedit images, they are large files..

        chris mabbott

          😆 I’ll say, I thought my connection had a problem, I have a pretty high speed and these puppies took 5 mins to load one photo 😆

          Steve, I know squat about the mechanics of clocks, but those clicks you show (in poster size, sorry I had to say that ;) look fairly easy to make, couldn’t you just fabricate the replacements, a small drill, a file and VIOLA :D


            Poster size.. LOL

            I warned ya… LOL

            Yeah, that is an option, and most likely the route I will follow.

            But I thought I would ask..

            bernie weishapl

              Here ya go. http://timesavers.com/i-8948058-sessions-clicks-rivets-springs.html

              You can’t make them this cheap unless you want to make one just to say you did.


                Again, Bernie TY!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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