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    The more I read on oils the more confused I get… I will get deeper into oils at a later date …for now I would just like to know the Direct replacements for

    1- Moebius A ( I think this is Moebius 9010)
    2 – Seiko S-4
    3 – Seiko S-6

    Enclosed is the tech sheet oiling Page for a Seiko 7s26C movement

    Thank You

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    From what I can find on the web…I think you’re correct that the Moebius A is 9010.
    The S-4 and S-6 appear to be grease, and I can’t find any direct correlation between Seiko’s oils and the Moebius products.

    I think that you will have to find the specific properties of the two types, and try to find which ones seem to be the closest.

    Perhaps,…you may try to contact Moebius directly ????



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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