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    Hi folks, I am trying to put together my basic tools as outlined by Mr. Tascione. Tweezers are taken care of, but screwdrivers are a problem. I had about 6 sets in various places. They must have been made from recycled c-ration cans, shell casings, and other soft alloyed material left from the last war (in Asia). The drill is: Screw one screw, sharpen one screwdriver. So, i went to plan B. Looked through many of my “picking” boxes and came up w/ 18 pin vices that all work. they are cleaned and oiled now. total, they have one blade. Where can i buy a good selection of blades–maybe 20-25–w/ steel from Europe or Japan? I would enjoy buying them second hand, as i already have looked up the prices for new ones. Any help would be appreciated. thanks…..b

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    you might have a look here they have an extensive line of used tools. They are also willing to look for requests.
    Hope this helps.
    Gator……………… :ugeek: 8-)

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