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      Working on a Hamilton 921 PW movement,…and the roller jewel “disappeared” during cleaning. So I ordered three (to be safe, as they are little buggers ), and started thinking how the heck am I going to hold it while trying to place the jewel in.

      So my fix was to place a flat stump on my staking tool, invert the roller, and then carefully place the alignment stake into the hole in the roller.
      I know that you aren’t supposed to use that stake for anything other than aligning holes in the table…but what the heck…it worked. ;)
      It held the roller just enough for me to be able to have both hands free for the process.

      Hope this helps someone out there !!!!


      Randy :D

      david pierce

        I think what they had in mind when they said to use that stake only to align holes on the plate was not to use the tool as a center punch.


          I apply a small amount of grease to a screw driver and pick the jewel up and place it into the table. Old watchmaker showed me that trick.. Now if he’d just show me an easy way to get the pivots in the jewels :?



            Good idea,
            I remember somewhere reading/hearing that others would wipe the tips of their tweezers on their nose, and the skin oils would do the same !!

            take care


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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