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    david pierce

      There seems to be an effort by the Swiss Watch and Swiss Watch Tool industry to pull the wool over the eyes of people who think that “quality” has to do with a product name, the price of the product, and the location of manufacture of that product. These are some of my favorite examples:
      1) Petitpierre Watchmaker Screwdriver Set (6) Ebay #220954316344. $2505.47
      2) Petitpierre Watchmaker Tool Kit Ebay #320849886387 $16,750.62
      3) Automatic Watch Winding Machine Ebay #220988241682 $1164.75
      4) Hand Setting Tool Ebay #320969262730 $3343.42
      5) Watchmaker Hammer Ebay #220988298880 $251.30
      6) Offical Rolex Bronze Paperweight Ebay #221265049353 $5091.32
      7) Offical Rolex Glass Paperweight $6995.22
      8) Rolex Oyster Watch Tool Opener (used) Ebay #221240679548 $33,509.62

      The watch winding machine from Sincere was $79.00 and works great. A watch case opener from Harbor Freight or Ebay was $3.99. The watchmaker hammer was less than $10.00. As for the paperweight you can always use the piles of money you will have left over by not buying this overpriced crap.
      It is hard to look at these prices and not break out laughing but these people seem to be getting away with it by controlling the release of watch repair parts only to “authorized” repair facilities. If the watch repair facilities do not purchase the offical repair tools they are denied the license to purchase the watch repair parts.

      chris mabbott

        David, you have to read the fine print….. Each one of these luxurious, ergonomically designed tools comes with its own watchmaker, so you just direct him to do, what you need doing 😆

        You’re not merely buying tools from this person, you’re making a statement ;) More money than…. LOL



          You really nailed them. It’s pretty dumb (in my opinion) to so much money on junk.


          bernie weishapl

            There are a lot of those swiss watch companies that won’t give a parts account until they check that you have a sterile workplace, have a CW21 from AWCI and have most of that equipment. On one other forum I belong to in order to get a Cartier account he had to add over $7500 worth of tools and equipment of which he had but not what they recommended. I also know of quite a few that didn’t get accounts because they had equipment that would do the job but not what the watch companies wanted them to buy and there shop was not spotless and sterile. Just stupid.


              Just a jump-in statement, now days I always tell my wife, (“less is more”) the new fad these days. I get a lot of good deals off ebay but at the same time I also get a lot of junk. But this new trend seems to be hitting everyone. I only deal with ebay because here in VA, seems as though horology seems to be/been a thing of the past. No tools at yard sales/auctions/estate sales/etc etc. For most operations I do, I use my mind to overcome most tools that I do not have. Thanks to my welding, pipefitting and machinist skills, I have learned how to overcome the usage and mandate for most of these over expensive and media mandated tools. As long as the job is 1st safe and second achievable. Build it, make it and use it. Heck, were all inventors. Who else can take several different parts all moving in different directions and make them all work as one? :D

              michael weaver

                I actually just talked to Larry about this yesterday. His response was “I don’t know how these guys sleep at night”. I agree with him. They must be waiting on some poor sap to click the buy it now button.

                chris mabbott

                  Lets all go on and hit “Add to Cart” without entering the checkout 😆

                  Ed, I have the same problem here in beautiful downtown espana, there is nothing, nada, zip.. I find it very upsetting to see William getting all these great items and the sellers end up paying HIM to take them 😆

                  I think we should join forces and move down to his oasis and get in on the action..


                    😆 When I look up something whether it be on ebay or other sites, I first always ask “hubby”…”Is this a good buy? Is it good or look reasonable for the quality and price? You can be able to make this for me, right?” He’d say “I’m sure I can come up with something for ya that would do as good of job. But there are some things that by the time you get all the gearing set up, we’d be better off buying the machine anyway for the cost and time it takes to make one. Just depends on what it is. We often call it as ‘improvising! We’ll always make sure it’s going to work right for ya and is safe to use!” :D

                    “Success can only be achieved by the amount of time you’re willing to put into it!”


                      Hello to all. Well Chris, your about right. As I stated on an earlier post, I have gotten quite a few decent items off eBay but my nightmares arise when it comes to shipping. I have gotten box’s which was suppose to be a in tact working clock and when it arrived it was nothing but a bunch of broken parts, also I have paid for a couple of items and never received them, oh and when it came to pay pal, after I posted my complaint after some time went by pay pal closed the cases and suggested that I contact the seller. To do what? BEG….. Also on one case they said my funds were returned. Returned to whom? I never got a dime back.

                      Even though the items were just dime store trinkets, I’m still out, funds and items. I read all of the small print, especially shipping cost which some are way to high. Now I look to purchase items with free shipping. I just hope now that my incoming clocks and other items are in tact when they arrive. :|

                      Also, please see where your items are coming from, China and the UK have not worked out to well for me. I’m still awaiting items today from a two month ago purchase :? They still show they have not been shipped. Now before I send any monies for anything, I contact the seller and establish re-pore with them. This has been working more so in my favor. :)

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