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      Hi all

      I have a Victorian skeleton clock that had fallen over or off something, hands missing, enamelled dial damaged, mountings snapped, both front and backplate bent, bronze wire instead of gut , straightened plates made new mounts for feet and silver soldered onto front and backplate, new mounting rods , purchased new hands drilled for collets, turned up some collets polished and blued hands , fitted collets, made a new hand tension washer, cleaned and rebuilt movement added gut, just waiting for dial to come back from being re enamelled, also managed to fine replacement base and an original oval dome.2CDF716E-A7FC-486E-BD7F-5A03723EAFA21BE51BFA-868B-400B-8028-2BB8F330795106D98CAC-3C2B-4260-9A8E-A9AA2BC220CC6690C1B2-0E40-407C-A1EE-A4FFC665095A7560CE3C-6A9E-4838-BEB1-B26FFBAA8A924DB57C2D-248B-4711-9655-0A134E5B5FC00CB897DA-57FA-464E-AF85-75DD7A233FF6

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