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      Hello all,
      I recently came into possession of a Howard Miller Marseilless 610-238 Ser# 311998 GrandFather with Hermle movement LL51-053 H SK with an apparent date code of S which, according to the person who gave me the clock it was probably purchased 12/82 (which matches a date stamp inside the clock) from Chicago Clock Co.
      As far as I could ascertain, the purchaser (her father) died in 2005 at which point the clock was shipped to Italy Texas. I was called and offered the clock for free if I would take it away.
      The problem I have is that the Hermle movement has a time stamp of “S” which correlates to 2006.
      The clock was worked on around 2006 by an elderly gentleman (who, if alive, I’m trying to locate) from Corsicana Tx at least once possibly twice. Is it common for a repair technician to replace the back plate of the movement with a newer movement? Or is there something else a-foot here?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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