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      Hello everyone, Bill here. I don’t have any books yet and the watch videos don’t cover this but can anyone give me the basic instruction on how to remove and replace a watch crystal. I have seen where some are pressed on and I thought I saw somewhere they were glued in. Any basic info would help.

      Thanks, Bill


        Thanks anyways, I did a google search and found some information that will help me.


          Bill,..if you are struggling with this at all..please share some more detail and we’ll help.
          Many crystals for vintage watches are simply pressed in, with a good snug friction fit.
          Some you can put in by hand,..some go better with a press.

          This of course applies mostly to acrylic / plastic crystals.

          Glass is a whole other “sport” if you will,. but it can be done with a bit of knowledge

          Best of luck,….



            Thanks Randy,

            The watch I am Working on did not have a crystal when I got It. I am going to have to figure what type of crystal came out of it. After taking the watch apart that is the least of my concerns right now. I am getting ready to post a new topic for some. I’ll get back to this post later. Thanks.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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