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      Help! New to watches and newer to Tascione watch course. I have an Arnex watch but cannot figure out how to get the movement out of the case. This means I am unable to get past part 1 of video 1 of Bob’s course.

      I have attached pics to show what I’m dealing with. I cannot figure out how to get the case to release the movement. It appears to be held near the stem/crown. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
      Thanks, Renee’

      Bob Tascione

        Welcome to the forum Renee’
        Your movement has the Parrenin logo but it looks different than other Parrenins I’ve seen. I’m not familiar with that movement but it appears to be of good quality. If you look at where the stem enters the movement you’ll see a small screw sitting just above a larger plate screw. Try backing that smaller screw out a couple of turns while gently pulling out on the stem to see if that releases it. You may need to turn the screw more than a couple of turns but stop turning it as soon as it releases the stem. From what I can tell in your pic that screw head looks larger than most setting lever screws but not sure as I can’t tell what size your watch is from the pic.
        Hope this helps Renee’

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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