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      Hello everyone.

      In bob’s video courses it shows removing the jewels for cleaning. From what I can tell only the surfaces of the jewels can get oily or dirty and a cleaning machine should get that off. So why remove them?


        I would hazard a guess that the video is talking about the cap jewels, if they are not removed small traces of dirt could be left in the jewel that could contaminate your new oil thus speeding up the wear process. If the bit of dirt is the right size it could possibly even enter the pivot hole to help bind up the pivot so the watch wont run. It may seem like a pain in the butt but you realy do want everything spotless and it may seem a bit over the top to keep cleaned parts covered up until you need them but if you think about it there are always airborne dust particles waiting to settle on your freshly cleaned work just waiting to get into the oil and start the wear process that little bit faster.
        Hope that helps?


          Your correct it was the cap jewels (beginner watchmaker here). I just assumed an ultrasonic cleaner would get them clean.

          Thanks Paul


            Ultrasonics are great but they still dont get some things spotless, even on the larger clock mec’s I still have to hand clean some bits. Lantern pinions are the biggest pain and you should still always peg out the pivot holes with pegwood. We all have to start somewhere and the beauty with horology is you are always learning :)

            Bob Tascione

              Hi guys,
              Good question Bill!
              Yes that’s correct. Cap jewels should always be removed whether cleaning with an ultrasonic or manual machine as the solution should be able to pass through the hole jewel taking any dirt with it.
              Also what Paul says about pegging pivot holes in clock plates also applies to watch jewels. Makes then super clean!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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