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      Hi all! New problem here…

      I have a balance from a table chime clock that needs a pivoting service.

      My intention was to hold it in the lathe by that thick portion of the arbor, but I am unable to remove the plateau. I tried carefully some ways but it does not move anyway. I need to be carefull to avoid breaking the good pivot at the plateau side…

      How can I proceed??

      Bob Tascione

        Hi PkaMargo,
        I’m can’t tell from the pic if that’s a one or two piece double roller. You will need stump or roller remover that will support the roller table to allow the staff to be driven out. If you take a look at the Staffing Video 2 and click on “Remv Roller” in the quick nav. menu in the control panel I do cover the process. Also cover 1 and 2 piece double roller removal in the beginning of Staffing Video 3.
        Hope this helps but if not please let me know,


          Hello, Bob,

          Hum, so you call this whole part as roller. I thought that ‘roller’ was only the jewel (or steel in this case). Here in Brazil the repair guys call it ‘plateau’.

          So it is a “single piece double roller”. (Long name for such a small part…)

          Well, since I do not have any of the tools you used in the videos, they didn’t help much… Thank you anyway.

          But – as always – I put my brain’s creativity department to work and found a way to take it out using what I have now at reach of my hands. The point was to find a way to push it straight up and out from the staff. Some basic geometry and physics… I got two tweezers with the same angle in their points, so that placing them together pointing opposite sides would make a parallel. This way:

          The lines I draw in the pic represent the tweezers, one red and other green… Forcing them toward each other while slightly moving sideways back and forth provided the straight force needed to make the roller get out. And after this I could make the pivoting service.


            My only concern doing that with the tweezers would be distorting the balance wheel but, if it worked and caused no extra damage then well done for figuring it out. :)

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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