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    As many of you know, I am sure, during the Victorian era, many great English fusee crown wheel, verge escapement clocks were converted to anchor escapements, seeking better timekeeping, less wear of escapement parts found in crown wheel escapements, etc. BUT now, with more appreciation of the old original antique crown wheel, verge escapements, large numbers of these anchor escapements have, and are, being reconverted back to their original crown wheel, verge escapements. Does anyone know of good sources for obtaining parts for such re-conversions? Since such re-conversions are so commonly done these days, and have been done for a good long time, at least in some enthusiast circles, there must be some good sources for some parts? OR, does one have to simply go to work and make all their own parts for such re-conversions?

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    As far as I am aware there are no off the shelf parts available, as each of these clocks were hand made the parts are all pretty much 1 offs so if you did want to convert something back to its original state you will have to make the parts or find someone to make them for you. The guy that teaches me has done a few of these.

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trumpeterjack29RECONVERSION to crown wheel, verge, escapement, parts?