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      Hi All,
      So i have been trying to replace a crystal in an old pocket watch.
      A waltham 18s with a swing out case.
      I have researched out the measuring systems, crystal sizes and types etc. and purchased the correct crystals for replacement … I believe.
      I have broken every one trying to fit it into the watch. I have heated the bezel with boiling water, a light bulb, and on plate on the stove.
      So, whats the real secret ?
      Could it be the style of crystal, so far I have only been able to find Lentille or Geneva hunter glass ….
      Do I need a big fat peace of glass to force into the bezel ?
      Like a Miconcave type of glass ?
      Anyone know a good source of crystal glass ?
      And …. What is the real secret to getting the crystal into the bezel ?

      Thank you for your thoughts ..


        oh.. an open face… well that is an animal of a different color.. guess if I was not an apprentice, I would of asked that in the other thread, sorry

        Here is a thread on my Cresent case battles… viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1547&p=12554&hilit=thick+crystal#p12554

        I finally had to use a thick crystal, I will go through my records and find where and what size I got.

        As Chris said in the thread, the thick is best for a open face watch as it will handle the wear and tear, unless you like pieces of broken crystal in you pocket….


          Well I spent 5 hrs looking through both my digital and paper receipts and I could not find where I got it, I am pretty sure it was from either Esslingers or Otto Frie, but I can not match a crystal with the receipt.

          Another options is if your bezel is in the middle where the first size is too small and falls out, and the next size is too big and can not be fitted, get some UV glue and glue the smaller size in, the glue dries clear and as long as you do not over apply it, you will never know it is there. If you have nice sunny window, you can glue it in and let it set in the sun, or buy the UV lamp to speed up the process.

          I am in the same boat, I have a Gruen pocket watch that was my Grandfathers, I recently got the UV Light and glue, so I am going to get the next size down and glue it in.


              Thank you for the direction everyone.

              I did find a guy that is making new glass.

              And I did find d this link to how Watch Crystals are made …
              I think its the same guy from whitescrystals.com

              really cool post !



                Yeah, I think Randy might of posted that link before, I completely forgot about them.


                  Wow, you could have the exact size made and use UV glue.


                    White makes a really nice custom sized crystal.
                    I put one in a customers Waltham awhile back…very similar to the style you are working on.
                    I took a number of careful measurements from around the opening using a dial caliper, and gave him the “average”.

                    He isn’t real fast at times as he’s a one man shop from what I gather…but the glass he supplied was very nice.
                    Pick a thicker one, they area more robust for an open face watch…and they are more forgiving when you are working to insert them.
                    I think I went with 1.5mm

                    UV glue can be added insurance, should the one you end up with be just a bit loose.



                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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