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    Hello all,
    I am currently servicing a Wittnauer A-11 8 day aircraft clock. The hands appear to have mildew on them?? Is this possible with radioactive hands, and if so, could I use a diluted bleach solution on say a qtip to remove the mildew??

    I have included these pics:[attachment=0:2oszfs8v]20180320_181613.jpg[/attachment:2oszfs8v]

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    I would say that the mildew on radium hands is possible.
    That said, I would not introduce any chemical to clean these. It’s impossible to know what the reaction could be.

    On the few radium hands that I’ve worked on, I only wiped them clean with rodico, and wore gloves and a mask.

    These radioactive elements have half-lives of may years ( 100s-1000s).

    I just don’t think that without a lab setup, that we are safe to really take on the restoration of them

    Best regards,


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    Hi everybody – newbie here and trying to learn what I can about my new hobby

    This article will_ probably_answer any questions on luminous dials. I found it a while ago. The article is quite long and very well written. One section, for example, is titled “Reactivating Radium Paint”

    Here’s another I just found:

    Interesting additional info:

    On a slightly different note, the following is unbelievable that some people can be so callous:

    THAT’S IT … I’m done :(


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    Hi Fred

    Welcome to the forms and thank you for your input !! This clock is back to it’s owner. I decided to leave the hands as they were. Thanks again and welcome.

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