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      Posting pictures on a forum is one of those evil things we need to learn but the upside is most forums work the same way so once you can do it on one forum its usualy the same for other forums.

      1. Take your picture – If it is something quite small you are photographing you would be best to use the “Macro” function on your camera. Almost all but the very cheapest cameras have this function. The Macro symbol looks like this……

      2. Transfer The picture to your PC/Laptop – This can be done by plugging your camera into the computer, or by removing the data card and if your computer has a card reader built in, plugging the card in, or by using a plug in card reader. Find your picture you want to post and save it to your “Desktop” or somewhere it is easy to find.

      3. Post it to the forum – There are two ways of doing this, you can upload your picture to a hosting site such as Photobucket or Flickr or you can just upload it straight to the forum. Bob has told me in the past he prefers it if the photo is uploaded to the forum as it is there forever, if a hosting site should ever go down then you are left with posts but no images so for the time being I wont explain how to post onto a host site.
      When you are writing your post and you get to the point of wanting to post your picture, just look under the box where you are writing your text, you will see two tabs, one with “Options” and the one next to it “Upload Attachments”
      Click on the “Upload Attachments” Tab.
      Click the little white box that says “Browse”
      Now locate your picture and click on it once so it highlights in blue and then click the “Open” Box.
      You will now see in your post you are typing some garbled text – ……attachment=0]Macro Symbol.jpg[/attachment
      This shows the forum has your picture and it will post it. When you have finished writing click the “Preview” button and it will show your post with the picture, you can then click “Post” if you are happy with it.

      If anyone has any problems please dont be affraid to ask. Dont worry too much yet about resizing your pictures yet, we will come to that later, for now just get used to posting your pictures and we will resize them for you.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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