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    Bob Tascione

      Hi All,
      I’ve heard from a few members recently who are pulling their hair out over having their posts vanish when they hit the submit button. This can be Frustrating I know cuz it happened to me many times. A couple of things I do now is:
      1. copy the post before submitting. If lost it can be pasted right back in and re-submitted.
      If you forget to do that (I forget most of the time) then:
      2. Hit the back button and Press ‘Ctrl + Z’ (Windows).

      Thought I would post this just in case we have a bunch of prematurely balding members. I don’t want to be blamed for accelerating the process :D

      Adios for now and of course Enjoy!


        I had this happen once or twice when I first started on the forum and always after a big post, I learnt my lesson and do exactly as you have said and copy before I post.


          Yes Bob it seems like sometimes it loads up a little different when hitting the submit button, I am a slow learner but after retyping things over and over I am starting to remember to copy first, William


            Thanks for the heads up Bob but its too late. I can’t pull out hair that isn’t there can I? Its not your fault or working on clocks fault either. I had wavy hair in my twenties but sadly, it was waving goodbye!

            Kenny H

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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