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      Well, after 10yrs of clocks, I decided to try watches. Picked up a couple of “dollarwatches” on ebay. First one I took apart, cleaned it and it runs great, second one, well not so good, I broke the hairspring. Now come the questions. It doesn’t have a balance cock, the spring fits between the plates.One end was attached to a tiny bracket with what looks like a taperpin sticking out.. Do they use taperpins to attch these? How do you find the correct replacement spring, Searched online but its not really a well known watch. Can I use the old spring?. I don’t know how much was broken off. I included a pic. Its a large pic, I don’tknow why, but watch is there if you scroll around for it. you will see a l shaped bracket on the right with what looks like a taperpin sticking out the back.. This is just a practice watch but I know it will run if I can figure this hairspring out… THANKS



        Dave’s watch parts has a few hairsrping taper pins and he might be able to provide you with a hairspring. Check out this page:


        If you can’t find what you want on his site, send him an email as he has more stuff that he often puts up on his site. You can find him here:
        [email protected]

        Good luck!


          THANK YOU TOM !. I will check it out


            You probably know this, but I would like to indicate that a hairspring goes with a balance and will have to be vibrated for it. Apart from being highly educating, I would think it is rather involved for a dollar watch. ;)



              thanks Jan. It may seem rather involved but I am trying to learn . So the involvement is not the issue. I don’t put a timeline on any learning challenge. Would rather learn on a cheap watch than ruin someones expensive one.I was reading up on the vibration of a hairspring, quit intense but I am game..Thanks for your reply

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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