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    bernie weishapl

      Well did a road trip yesterday about 250 miles to Hutchinson, Kansas. Had a Tonneau cover put on my new pickup and a bed rug installed. Anyway while down there it was going to take 2 hrs so the wife and I headed for a nice walk downtown. Hit about 6 antique stores. Amazing thing was seen many clocks but boy are the prices out of this world. Sheeesshh. Kitchen clocks $325 up. Camel or hump back clocks $225 up. Had a wall clock with a quartz chiming movement $275. Claimed it was antique from the early, early 1900’s. I just had to laugh. But on the bright side I did pick up a couple of pocket watches. One was a 18s Waltham 15j and the other was a Banner Swiss 12s 17j pocket watch. Really didn’t want the Banner but he threw it in for $10 and the Waltham I got for $50. I figured since the Banner did run an is running good and strong I would give it a good cleaning and oil it. It should be good to go. The Waltham needs a staff and probably a mainspring but otherwise think it will be a pretty nice watch when done. Pretty happy with the purchase. Don’t find those to often.


        I love those big heavy “clunkers” (if I may) …. looks like lots of fun Bernie.

        chris mabbott

          Nice pickups Bernie, well worth the drive… Yep, I think 98% of the Walthams that I’ve received have all had broken staff pivots, the curse of the none anti-shock system. I wonder just how much the early anti-shock jewels really cut down on that, i mean on a percentage scale? Staffs, after all, was a business in its own right.

          The Swiss watch looks interesting, I like they way they designed the cap jewel fixutre on the escape, and it will obviously look a lot better after a relaxing visit to Spa Bernard, where it will be treated to a gentle massage, a soothing mineral bath and possibly a cucumber slice on the eye to remove any wrinkles or hairlines :D

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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