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      Hello Bob and Fellow Members,

      I am working on an Elgin size 12 Pocket Watch that requires a new main spring. The main spring for
      this watch has a tee setup on the barrel end. My problem is trying to insert the cross tee in the slot
      of the barrel. I have a spring winder that I use to wind the spring and then insert the spring into the
      barrel. Trying to insert the cross tee of the main spring into the barrel slot when inserting the main
      spring into the barrel is a hit or miss situation. Perhaps I am not using the correct method?

      I would appreciate your input on the above problem!



      Bob Tascione

        Hi BYJWR1,
        Allowing the T end of the mainspring to project slightly outside of the slot of the mainspring winder and choosing a winder slightly smaller then the barrel ID to give a little wiggle room should allow you to insert the end into the slot or hole of the barrel before releasing the spring.
        Hope this helps BYJWR1,


          Thanks Bob!


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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