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      I will take a picture of this but on servicing a small silver ladies lever escapement full plate pocket watch(that was a mouthful!) I found an extra piece of plate over the bottom lever pivot hole. On closer inspection I found the bottom pivot on the lever was missing so to overcome the problem the previous repair person had filed up a small piece of plate and glued it to the bottom plate, with a hole in it that the arbor fit into, basicaly using the bottom of the arbor as the pivot.
      Now this watch ran before I serviced it so I thought I would put it back together just how it was and see excatly how well it runs.
      Well, in a test over a couple of hours it runs in all positions!
      I am going to take it apart again and re-pivot the lever but I just could not belive it could run that well with what is at the end of the day a way oversized pivot.
      I will post a picture once I get onto the re-pivot.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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