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    bernie weishapl

      Is it just me or what? I have a 18s Waltham that I am starting on. Just movement, dial, etc and need a case. So I went to the auction place and was just astounded. Am I missing something or are the prices out of line. The ones I looked at tonight run from $60 (not so good looking) up to $175 (excellent) just for the case. I thought if I could find one for $25 or so, clean it up along with the movement I could maybe make a dime or two. If I pay $80 or $90 for one that looks decent with my time I figure I would have $230 in the watch. Aroun could get $230 which would be break even. Just curious as to what others thought. Are they to high or are they ok?


        Hi Bernie!

        Correct, with my EXTREMELY limited knowledge and experience, that does sound quite pricey. You’ve seen the prices I’ve paid for watches lately – but here’s a thought – maybe you could find a watch that is really tanked, broken beyond repair (**GASP**,) and then use that case while parting the broken watch out to yourself to get some parts for other jobs? Or, am I correct in assuming that everyone here just repairs whatever they find, regardless of the condition?

        I’m thinking, with some of the custom work I’ve seen on here as of late, you would probably repair THAT watch, too, which would place you right back in your current situation…sorry Bernie?

        I tried ;)



          Hey Bernie, I have not looked into buying pocket watch cases, but It stands to reason that the prices are going to go up as we are and have been seeing the gold fever, leaving alot of movements without cases out there. Simple case of supply and demand. I guess it is what it is. I was amazed at what people were getting JUST for the bezel as I needed one for a pocket watch I restored (I got lucky in the end). May be a good time to learn how to make cases.


            Hi Bernie,
            I think William has it spot on, so many movements have been robbed of their gold cases, there just aint enough to go round. That is also why we are starting to see good quality movements in quite basic cases. The minimum a gold case makes is the scrap value but because there just isn’t as many around now I think the scrap thing has gone out of the window and they are now commanding a premium as they are becoming rare item, all these watchmakers with beautiful movements are now fighting for the cases to put them in. Sad state of affairs, but as William also says, if anyone fancies learning the trade of case making I don’t think they would ever run out of work!
            Steffan wrote a book on case making – http://www.s1p.de/06_b/tasch_be/tasch_be.html

            bernie weishapl

              I am sure that is fact after I think about it because I had forgot about the gentleman I bought a couple of Elgin PW’s for parts. He said he made more scraping for gold than selling the watch and the movement was gravy. 👿 Just amazes me.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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