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      Here’s a little tool that I’ve found helpful when working with pocket watches – especially full plate watches. I know that clock guys have used these forever and probably watch guys too. Anyway, everyone knows the pleasure of trying to get pivots to line up in the jewel holes when putting on the plate. The hook allows me to push or pull a staff until it falls into place. Bob shared this tip with me… turn the movement upside down and the pivots fall into place easier!

      Well here it is – just a bent piece of steel wire that was hardened and then annealed.

      I know its simple, but it sure helps me.


      david pierce

        That is a neat tool Tom. I did something similar by taking small sewing needles and grinding out the eyes in different configurations. Grinding it off flat would give me a forked push tool, and grinding away the side would give me a smalll hook for pulling. For the handle I used a piece of bamboo shish-ka-bob skewer sawn to length. I then pressed the point of the needle into the end of the skewer section and never had any problems with it comming out.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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