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      If your like me and find yourself taking a pic of the keyless works on a watch for one you have never seen before, here is what I have been doing.

      I take the picture with my phone, and I have setup Google Photo on my phone, tablet and laptop, so as soon as I take a picture on my phone, it is on all three to use as a reference. Now the laptop is for documenting them or posting on the internet, the tablet is great for referencing when I am reassembling the watch, I simply pull up the photo and then zoom in on the keyless works, when I get my work area finished and start back in on clocks, I am going to do the same with them, record the strike sequence to use as a reference for reassembly.

      If you have a tablet and cell phone( almost all do), try it out, it works great, and if you want to sync them to your PC, simply install it on it and your ready to go.


        ok, found out I can link an image or images to a post, yeah you have to click on it, but the image gives you the ability to zoom in to see more detail.


          Hello Steve,
          Linking a picture or pictures to a post so you can zoom in for more detail is great idea. I would love to know how to do that.


            ok, to be able to use the features, you need a few things-
            1- A cell (mobile) phone that takes pictures
            2- A google email account
            3- the Google Photo app for your phone- go to the App Shop and search for Google Photo, download and install, set it to back up all you photos.

            Once you have linked your phone, if you have a tablet, go through the same process, and any picture you take on your phone will appear on your tablet in the Goggle Photo app.

            The access these images on your PC, simple search for Google Photo on the web, then when you log in with your google email account info, you have access to all the photos on your PC.

            So once all three (or two) devices are linked using Google Photo, simply select the picture you want to share from your gallery, there will be a “link to” above the image to the right hand side, click it and cut and paste that link into the forum. I will work on a more visual tutorial later

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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