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      Greetins all:

      I’m thinking that this might be a great place for our “family” of like minds, novice and pro’s to
      maybe sell or trade needed parts. Movements, cases, parts, etc. Geeze, I include clocks too !!!!
      I have lots of pocket watch ebay buys that I’ve over-indulged with. Cases that are fine but don’t
      fit my lever set movements, kind of thing. Parts I bought , aquired, etc.
      Whaddy ya think ?

      david pierce

        Do you have a case that will fit my Waltham Travelers movement? I don’t have my ligne gauge with me at the moment but the pilar plates measure 41mm in diameter.


          I’m looking for time train parts for Gustav Becker “Silesia” P21. All escapment parts really.
          Anyone know any sources other than ebay? It would be a great help.


            No, Sorry ! Also sorry it took me so long to reply !
            i, too, have a Traveler #16 movement in need of a case. 17 jewell.
            It’s currently apart but is one of the cleanest movements in my Waltham collection.
            Just needs re-assembly after microscpoe inspection for lint and such.
            Ha ha ha !! sure hope we’re not bidding against each other when that case on ebay comes up !

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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