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    Greetins all:

    I’m thinking that this might be a great place for our “family” of like minds, novice and pro’s to
    maybe sell or trade needed parts. Movements, cases, parts, etc. Geeze, I include clocks too !!!!
    I have lots of pocket watch ebay buys that I’ve over-indulged with. Cases that are fine but don’t
    fit my lever set movements, kind of thing. Parts I bought , aquired, etc.
    Whaddy ya think ?

    david pierce
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    Do you have a case that will fit my Waltham Travelers movement? I don’t have my ligne gauge with me at the moment but the pilar plates measure 41mm in diameter.

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    I’m looking for time train parts for Gustav Becker “Silesia” P21. All escapment parts really.
    Anyone know any sources other than ebay? It would be a great help.

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    No, Sorry ! Also sorry it took me so long to reply !
    i, too, have a Traveler #16 movement in need of a case. 17 jewell.
    It’s currently apart but is one of the cleanest movements in my Waltham collection.
    Just needs re-assembly after microscpoe inspection for lint and such.
    Ha ha ha !! sure hope we’re not bidding against each other when that case on ebay comes up !

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clam71Parts for sale or swap ?