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      Hi guys, ok so my father has given me a clock thats been sitting around at home to try and sort out, apart from the movement being covered in dust and grime i don’t have a clue what’s wrong with it. I think it’s french in origin because the movement is set between two round bridges, i think pre 1880 because it has vallet suspension and a count/locking wheel as opposed to rack and snail. (please correct me if i’m wrong) :? The clock case itself is home made and in my opinion looks horrible, i think it’s supposed to be in a marble mantle type case? Any way i have dismantled the movement,(i couldn’t help myself) 😳 and tried to take as many pictures as possible, and this is the first of many questions i expect 😳 :? 🙄 The dial has a home made paper covering on top of the original enamelled dial, i don’t know what condition the dial is underneath but the paper cover is brown with age and home painted with indian ink. So here’s the question, how do i get the paper dial off without ruining anything underneath? Cheers! Dave.

      Bob Tascione

        Hi Dave,
        If the original dial is enamel then I would think that warm soapy water might remove the paper dial while not risking damage to the underlying dial. Not at all sure though without having it in front of me…and even then would most likely be trail and error.
        Maybe someone else up here has some ideas.
        Good luck,


          Thanks Bob i have got the paper off, just the glue to go. :)

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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