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      I was cleaning a Waltham Size 6, 7J, pocket watch and one of the pallet jewels came out of the lever. I looked over the lever and I found little evidence of shellac on either the jewel or lever. Would it be possible to cement in the jewel with UV curing epoxy or am I asking for trouble using anything but shellac?



        Hey Steve, I would think just about anything would work to glue in a pallet jewel 😯 BUT 😯 if you use shellac you can adjust by reheating it, I have heard that some use super glue, but if the jewel isn’t set right you would have a better chance of breaking the jewel trying to un-glue it and move it..then you waste time and money getting that too 🙄 . It is really cheap to get shellac, alcohol lamp and even a pallet warmer, maybe $20, to me this would be the right way, keeping your watch original and in the end easier and cheaper. :D Have fun!!!!William

        david pierce

          You can purchase shellac, a pallet warmer and an alcohol lamp from Uncle Larry’s Watch Shop for a reasonable price. If you glue the pallet jewel with something that cannot be resoftened you run the risk of breaking the pallet if the jewel needs to be adjusted or replaced.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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