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      Hi all,
      I am currently working on an Omega Constellation cal751 and I need the incabloc complete for the plate. Is this part known as the upper or lower incabloc? I won’t take your time by telling the tale of the spring coming out of the setting, the struggle of trying to put it back in the setting while the plate was in a plastic bag so it would not fly off only to discover that I had to remove the setting from the plate (Thanks to the web site: http://watchguy.co.uk/how-to-fit-a-new-balance-jewel-shock-spring/)

      I have the original but after pressing back into the plate the spring broke when I tried to close it after putting the jewel back.

      I would like to know where to get the spring here in the states or better I would like the complete ass’y so that I don’t have to futz with this. I think Otto Frei may still have it or do any of you have one you’d be willing to part with? I saw one on eBay but I need to know is it upper or lower when referring to the plate? Also do any of you know the part #? I think it is either 1346 or 1347. I really need to get this one done and outta here. Thanks for your time and help !

      Jim B.


        Hi Jim,
        I have always referred to the balance cock jewels as the upper jewel assembly and the plate as the lower or just plate jewel assembly when ordering. That being said I have also seen the balance jewels being referred to in the opposite up online. When you call in your order it’s always a good idea to specify what you need as clearly as possible. I can’t tell you how many times I have received the wrong parts over many years due to my lack of being clear or using the wrong nomenclature. For this reason when ordering plate jewels I refer to them as just plate jewels and for bridge jewels, well just bridge jewels. Might not be real professional but no confusion this way.
        Have you tried Twin City Supply? They almost always pull through for me. Good company to work with. Here is the link if you want to take a look https://twincitysupply.net/home.php



          Thanks for the link Dean. Tried their search but no luck. Will call them Monday. I thought that was the case when referring to upper and lower. There is a guy on eBay that says he has one and that the same setting for cal500 is also for 751…He also has the numbers reversed so…I don’t have a way to check if 500 and 751 interchange so I think I’ll pay the extra and get it from Otto Frei if Twin City Supply does not have it or does not have it for less than Otto Frei.

          In case anyone is wondering, the Omega Part# is 751-1346 for the lower or Plate incabloc setting.

          Thanks again Dean


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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