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    Just for fun, what is the oldest clock in your collection? Post a photo.
    Here is mine: It belonged to Merchant Samuel Colton, of Longmeadow Massachusetts. I don’t know exactly when he acquired it, but it is very likely British, and I am guessing dates to the mid 1700’s. He died in 1787, and his daughter, Margaret, and son-in-law (my great x 4 grandfather, David Booth, Schoolmaster) ran the store until David’s death in 1810. Margaret then ran the store until her death ten years later. The sundial was inherited by David, Jr.( whom we refer to as “Uncle David”); then passed on to his brother, Samuel Colton Booth; his son, David Booth,II; and hIs son, James David Booth, who was my grandfather.

    It does not keep good time here in Maryland; the gnomen is at the wrong angle. I at one point, considered unscrewing it from the base, and making a shim to correct for 39 degrees North latitude, but decided “the juice wasn’t worth the squeezing”. :)

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