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      Hi, does anyone have any ideas about getting old clock parts. Every now and then I get a Repair in where a gear or other part is completely gone. I usually try and get a Movement on ebay or from another clock Repairer. But sometimes on some rarer clocks I can’t find easily. Is there a video or book, about Complete Custom Parts Making so I could make the parts myself so I can make whatevers needed. Also what tools for the lathe and/or milling machine would I need for gear & pinion cutting, strike parts, etc. Thanks

      Bob Tascione

        Hi Twoess,
        I don’t really know any other way to find old clock parts other than the way you’re already doing it.

        As far as making your parts W.R. Smith puts out some great videos covering “Wheel cutting” “Setting up you machines” etc. Check out the following url http://www.wrsmithtelegraphkeys.com/videos.htm

        Whether using a lathe or a mill you will need something to index your wheel blank if you want to cut gears. There are many types of dividing heads available and the type of machine you use will determine what type of indexing setup you’ll need. If going to use a lathe you’ll also need a milling attachment…again depends on what type of lathe.

        That link and those videos should be a lot of help.


          Hi twoess , I am doing the same thing as you with the old movements, I am interested also about the process of making gears and pinions, what kind of tooling is needed, how it works ect,,,,,,the goal for me someday would be to make the whole thing, interestingly on the history of clockmaking the clock was built by many different tradesmen, anyway I wounder if we should start a new thread only on the gear and pinion cutting process and tools???? what do you think Bob. William, Hey now thats a idea 💡 , maybe Bob and Paul would borrow us thier tools for awhile 😆 we would gladly send them back on Tuesday….

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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