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    Bob Tascione


      dave booth

        Excellent! Thanks, Bob!

        And I have to admit, the fellow is right: there is something calming about the ticking of a clock, and there is probably no greater satisfaction than seeing one come back from the dead. That thrill was what “hooked” me on clock repair back in 1980, and it is still challenging and interesting 35 years later. There is no end to the learning.

        bernie weishapl

          Great video. Congrats William.


            know that news desk too well, nice Will.. nicely done


              Thanks for sharing Bob, well done William!


                Great story! I just watched the video of Willam’s shop tour. Very well done all around. It’s amazing to see that William has only been into clocks and watches for a few years. I think I’d have to label him a quick-study. And that’s surely a gross understatement. Wishing him continued success in this field of endeavor. Cheers.


                  Wonderful video. Very inspiring!


                    Hey guys, thank you for the kind comments, my wife and I were tickled about this…We like how he got into the personal side of what my business is really all about.. I didnt think he would be able to sift through all my rambling on and get much out of the interview. I tried to get him over to the machinery, and guide him over to some really nice clocks but I had to give up control and let him do his thing…..he said he had a idea… I find it interesting how someones train of thought and creativity can be completely different than your own. Like we see on the forum here so many times….new ideas being hashed out, nice repairs and parts being carefully made with limited machinery, tooling and supplies…I hope everyone just keeps on pursuing their goal, give up trying to control the outcome, allow new ideas and creativity to flourish and have fun with it all. Really…when I get too old and look back….like he said in the story….”clocks are like time machines” What kind of memories will be attatched to my journey in horology when I hear the hour strike…..I hope they are fond ones…Have a fantastic day everyone. William


                      Great story. This actually came in to my e-mail inbox as a suggested video to watch on Youtube. I subscribed to his channel and found the Tascione course in the comments section of one the the videos.I have the pocket watch course on DVD from many years ago, but have not been back to the website in a long time. I’m looking forward to picking up some repair tips, maybe passing on a few things I’ve learned along the way, and getting to know fellow clock repairmen.


                        Hi Guys,
                        It seems that I don’t look in on the forum as much as I have in the past but today I decided to check back in. For me it was the perfect time. This video was exactly what I needed.
                        I have been working at the same place for 29 years now. My back is going bad as are my knees. I just had surgery on my right knee about a month ago. I’ll be 63 in September and my wife has said several times that I should try to put a web site up about repairing watches through an online business. I just started that site this past Friday. I live in a small community and I don’t think I could get enough business by opening a shop but you never know. I do get some repair work for a local jewelry shop. I am not a web designer so the site isn’t very slick but maybe it will get the message out there. I’m hoping to just be able to get a couple of watches or so each week. I have been buying some, fixing them up and reselling them on the web but it’s getting hard to find broken watches at a good enough price to make much of a profit.
                        Anyway this video has given me hope and repairing watches is something I really enjoy. Somehow sitting down at the table with a watch that doesn’t work is relaxing to me. Watching it come back to life is something that always brings a smile to my face. By the way I really do like the name Born again clocks. Perfect in many ways.
                        Charles Kelly

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