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      Hi Bob I have a question. I have seen some clockworks that do not have oil sinks for the pivots on one side of the plate. Is it a good idea to get a oil sink cutter and cut them in?????

      Bob Tascione

        Hi William,
        I like to keep things as original as possible so I leave them alone. Lot’s of American clocks have sinks on one plate only. Also many feel that oil sinks serve no useful purpose other than ease of oiling and to help keep oil from running out of the hole and down the plate. If the pivot isn’t over oiled and the proper oil is used this shouldn’t be a problem. Over oiling in either case can result in the oil running down the plate, pulling the oil on the pivot with it. My feeling is if the pivot is long enough to reach the outside of the plate or a little beyond then it’s actually better than having an oil sink.


          thank you Bob you have put my mind to rest (for now)


            One of the good British horologists has an argument as Bob has stated that if a clock is oiled properly then oil sinks are not needed. I cant remember his name but a very well respected guy. Also as Bob said and I completely agree with him it is best to keep the clock as original as possible but this is not always easy with a customer who wants the cheapest bill and isnt worried about having the clock completely original. All you can do in that situation is state that the clock will be more valuable if left original, if they dont go for it then you have no alternative. I have seen the complete striking train removed from clocks because the owner didnt want it to chime. May have seemed a good idea at the time but what a shame now :(
            Just my two cents :)

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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